What is PDR?

PDR is short for paintless dent repair. The art of removing dings  dents  and creases without having to use fillers or painting. PDR consist off light reflection on to the vehicle. Then placing a specialized tool or PDR bar behind the damaged area. With the right technique the dent can be massaged and worked out from the underside back into its original form. By shaping in shifting the metal the dance can be formed back to its original factory finish.

Paintless dent repair takes years to master. Dings dents and creases do not just “POP” out as most people would think.  Paint less dent repair is truly a art that takes years of practice to master. Elite has done just that! Mastered the art of paintless dent repair.

Why elite is different than all the other companies!

The  elite owner Ryan Lancaster has traveled the world working at various hailstorms, car auctions, dealerships, auto shows, body shops and  even celebrity cars. He now offers his expertise in the Tampa Bay area, including Palm Harbor and Oldsmar. The term certified master technician was truly awarded and  obtained by Mr. Lancaster.  The quality of a repair and paintless dent  repair truly relies on the technician doing the job.

There are lots of companies that will say “we are master technicians ” Only to try to imitate elite paintless dent repair. Elite takes great pride in what we do and treats every client as if it were our own vehicle. We strive for the highest quality of paint was that repair that can be achieved. As well as making our clients very happy on every meeting. That is our guarantee and mission at elite paintless dent repair.